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"Turn Your Garden Shed Into A Small-Scale Lure Making Factory In Just 7 Days - Or Your Money Back!"  

If You're Looking For A Simple, Cost-Effective Way To Get Started Making
Hard Plastic Lures From Your Home Workshop, Then Look No Further!
Dear Fellow Lure Maker,

Do you want to go semi-professional with your lure making, start selling a few lures online, on ebay or at the local markets/tacklestore?

Or do you just want to punch out a massive pile of custom lures that will keep you and your buddies stocked with fish-catching weapons for years?

Either way, you've come to the right place!


Because to go down that path you need to jump a few hurdles, and:

5 Reasons This eBook Will Kick Start Your Plastic Lure Making, Bigtime!
#1: You Can Get Started FAST - Today, In Fact!

Truth: Actually making plastic lures is quite fast, but learning how to make plastic lures can be very slow!

It took a couple of years of experimenting with different techniques and materials, talking to experts and persevering before I found a process that works for me.

Is it the only way to make hard plastic lures?

Of course not! But I'm now at a stage where I don't have to worry about whether materials are compatible or the techniques will work. When I go into my workshop to spend a few hours making lures I actually do spend it making lures, not playing around trying to make things work properly.

By downloading this eBook and reading it you can cut all of the trial and error and just get straight to making lures!

#2: You Don't Need Any Previous Lure Making Experience!

Truth: There is a lot to know about designing and making lures, especially if you haven't done it before.

But this eBook gives you the perfect way to get started with confidence. You'll learn a heap of stuff like:

• Getting your design right and converting that into a prototype of the perfect lure for your own needs

• Using your prototype to create a lure making mold

• Using your lure making mold to create master (mother) mold

•Using your master mold to make a bunch more lure making molds so you can pour lots of lures at the same time (this is gold).

If all of this sounds confusing then don't worry - my eBook takes you through everything in nice, easy steps (plus you can always contact me for support).

#3: You Don't Need Special Tools - Or A Bucket Of Money To Get Started!

Truth: You don't need to rush out and buy expensive mold making or plastic fabrication equipment to get a great start at making plastic lures. The average home owner already has pretty much all of the tools required, like a hand drill, a chisel, pair of pliers etc.

You also don't need to rush out and buy a whole bunch of materials. Because I use common materials you can start by purchasing a few bits and pieces in very small quantities, then scale up once you're satisfied you've goty the hang of it.

I don't sell kits or parts, so there is no ongoing cost associated with this book. I do provide some links to sources of the materials I use (or equivalent to the ones I use), and if you click those links I may earn  commission.

But as I mentioned ealier, you can get pretty much everything you need at your local hardware store, so you don't have to use my sources if you don't want to.

#4: You Don't Even Need A Lure Design!

Truth: When I first started out, I had a lot of lures that just didn't work properly and to be honest, I wasn't sure whether it was my lure making techniques that were at fault, or the design of my lures that was the problem!

Making your own fishing lures is like following a recipe. So to ensure you get off to a flyng start I provide a bunch of lure making templates you can use. The give all the details you need to copy a bunch of lures that I make for my own use in both wood and plastic (but the wooden lures can be made in plastic too). 

When you use these templates you can be sure that your lure design is great and can concentrate on getting the techniques working for you. Then you can move on to your own lure designs knowing that your techniques are nailed down!

#5: You Get 3 Months Of Unlimited Email Support

Truth: My ebook is a stand-alone product, so you don't need to buy anything more from me to use it. But that doesn't mean that you're not supported!

Everyone who purchases my eBook gets 3 months of complimentary email support thrown in. If you get stuck, need advice or get confused just drop me a line!
This book contains original, unique content.
Nothing like this is available anywhere else.

» Get a comprehensive understanding of fishing lure design and use this knowledge to make lures that catch fish. This eBook will teach you to design lures that do precisely what you want them to do.

» Discover how to correctly design body shape, lip size and shape, lip angle, towpoint configuration and internal weight to make a killer lure.

» Find out how cheap and readily available the materials are - take a drive to the local hardware shop and get everything you need to start making hard plastic lures today!

» Want to make a mold of a commercial lure? Get started even faster (Warning - be careful of patents etc - these lures are strictly for personal use only and shouldn't be sold).

» See how easy it can be to make loads of identical lures cheap, or modify designs to perfect them for your local conditions.

» Discover simple and low-tech hard lure painting techniques that give your fishing lures a professional look without costing a lot of time or money.
" I Have The Answer To All Three Challenges That Stop
Most Folks From Going Into Lure Production!"
Didn't realize there are four things to to get between you and a mountain of homemade lures?

Listen up, here they come!

1. Speed - You Need To Make Lures Fast!

If you really enjoy hand making lures, patiently shaping each lure body to perfection and then setting it aside to start on the next one, then forget about making plastic lures.

Plastic lures are all about making a bunch of lures at once, and then going ahead and doing it all again. And again, and again!

If you want to be able to make a few bucks from your lures you have to be able to knock them out quickly, or find some way to charge a lot of money for each individual lure.

2. Perfect Replication - You Need To Make Identical Lures, Fast!

Carving wooden lures is great therapy, and these days I have a system that allows me to make a whole bunch of hand made wooden lures that are close to identical.

But making any kind of lure one-by-one is slow, and even though the lures are very nearly identical, they're never perfect. It's no problem if all you want is to catch fish, but if you plan to sell lures you need them all to be identical in shape, weight and action.

Enter plastic lures.

One of the brilliant things about making plastic lures is the precision you get - with a little practice even an amateur in a home workshop can acheive perfect, identical lure bodies.

3. Cost Effectiveness - You Need To Make Identical Lures, Fast And Cheap!

The materials used to make plastic lures are quite cheap. In fact, you can churn out some hard plastic lure bodies for just a few cents each!

In fact, you should expect that an average sized bass lure will run to around $1 by the time it's been painted and fitted with hooks and rings. And that's if you're paying retail proces for the wire, hooks and rings!

So why do commercial lures cost so much then? Especially those that are mass produced in countries where plastic injection molding can be done very cheaply? Well, think packaging, think shipping, think branding and marketing and then add profit!
"So......If Hard Plastic Lure Making Is Easy And Cheap, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?"
Excellent question!

When I first looked into making plastic lures I found that it would be easy (and cheap, on a per lure basis) to get a commercial company to make them. They were literally only a few cents each.

The problem was that it cost over $10,000 to set up, and I had to make 100,000 lures minimum!

I knew that I made good wooden lures, but I didn't know if they would necessarily be just as good made from plastic, and I wasn't ready to mortgage my house just yet!

Then I found a company that helped budding manufacturers test and prototype small batches of product in preparation to scale up for larger production. They wanted almost $10,000 dollars to build the tooling, but at least they would make batches as small as 500 lures. But it still works out at over $20 per lure!

And of course, buying injection molders and rotational casting machines was too expensive and out of the question when my lures were still experimental!
Commercial Protoyping And Testing Techniques Are Perfect For Small Scale Lure Production - And You Can Get Started For Less Than $150!
What I didn't know was that even the big lure companies start by developing a prototype of their lure that they test and fine tune.

Once they get it working they do a small scale production run to see if it will translate to large scale production. If all goes well, they go into full production.

I've found that the techniques these companies use for getting from the concept design stage to small scale production can easily be done by an amateur lure maker in his home workshop.

You don't need an injection molder. You don't need a rotational caster. You don't need mixing machines or a factory to put it all in!

Best of all:
"I've Figured Out How To Do All This Using Materials That Are Cheap And Easy To Get!"
I can literally take a walk through the isles of my local hardware store and get hold of everything I need to be making hard plastic lures today, but chandlery stores, model makers supply shops and online sources are also good.

The fact is, I make my hard plastic lures using simple, cheap and commonly available materials, and after 2 years of selling my secrets I am yet to have anyone ask for a refund on the grounds that they can't get the materials they need to make their own lures!
"Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures"

This is the simplest and most foolproof way to start producing batches of hard plastic lures from your home workshop - or your money back!

With full details of the prototyping, mold making and lure making process, step by step photographs and personal support you can't go wrong!

And at just $37.00 with templates and bonus products this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over!
Best lure making info!
plastic lure making ecover

plastic lure making ecover
"Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures"

This is the simplest and most foolproof way to start producing batches of hard plastic lures from your home workshop - or your money back!

With full details of the prototyping, mold making and lure making process, step by step photographs and personal support you can't go wrong!

And at just $37.00 with templates and bonus products this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over!
Best lure making info!

Need more info? Contact Me!
Best lure making info!
P.S. Remember, the purpose of this eBook is to give you all the knowledge you need to turn your shed or home workshop into an instant hard plastic lure factory using hardly any tools. This is the fastest, cheapest and simplest way to get cracking with making hard plastic lures.

" I'm ready to learn lure making at warp speed. Give me your ebook now!"   <<Click Here!>>*

To maximize your success, be sure to take advantage of the help and support that I offer customers. After 30 years of lure making and 10 years of teaching lure making I have answers to many of the questions you might have - and if not I'll help you figure it out! Where else can you tap that level of experience?

"I can't wait to start making lures with Greg's personal help! Let's start now!"
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I want to reiterate that this deal is no risk to you! With the transaction processed by Clickbank and my 60 day, 100% money back guarantee you can be certain you'll get great value from this eBook.....or you'll get your money back with no questions asked!
Greg Vinall

Greg Vinall
You are literally minutes away from a full system to help you do it - it's just a mouse click away and ZERO RISK to you!

Go ahead and live your dream of owning your own lure factory!! 
So, What's Stopping You Putting Together Your
Hard Plastic Lure Factory Today?
Not everybody is at home buying stuff over the internet, I understand that. So if you're concerned about getting scammed then I've made the whole thing as simple as can be, and you are absolutely assured fo getting your money back if you're not 1000% happy!

Two Great Reasons Why There Is No Risk When You Purchase From Me:

»  I'm so confident that you'll love the value, quality and wealth of information I prove that I'll make your purchase 100% Risk Free.

Go ahead and purchase, then read the whole book and put the information into action! Print hard copies of the templates and start setting up to make batches of lures. If you're not 100% over the moon with the eBook and the results you get, just let me know and I'll give you a 100% refund.

»  All of my transactions are processed by the worlds largest retailer of digital products, Clickbank not only provides a secure payment system used by millions of buyers worldwide, they also guarantee that buyers will get a 100% refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of products or service they receive. Your credit card or paypal account details are secure with, and I'll never see them!
Best Of All - ZERO RISK!
60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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Everything you see on this website is delivered digitally - and that means you get instant access without shipping costs.

Purchase this eBook now and you will literally get access to all of the information you need to start making hard plastic lures within just minutes! The eBook, templates, report and mini-eBook are all delivered in pdf format
About eBook Format And Delivery
Best wooden luremaking info!
plastic lure making ecover
"Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures"

The fastest, simplest way to cheaply create a hard plastic lure factory in your home workshop!

Loaded with easy techniques and packaged with a bunch of proven lure templates.....

At just $37.00 with templates, bonus products and personal support there is no better way to start making batches great lures!
Here's What You Get:
You Pay
"Make Your Own Lures: Wooden Lures"
Simple, yet detailed instructions with step by step photos and diagrams
3 Months Of Personal Help And Support
Contact me personally for help with your wooden lure making
12 Proven Lure Making Templates
All the specs and details you need to make proven fish catching lures
Lure Color Selection Report
A scientific guide in laymans terms to help you choose what colors to use and when
65 Lure Fishing Tips
Mini ebook with loads of tips on getting the best results when using your wooden lures
Lets Put All Of This Together And See How It Looks!
Bonus: Three Months Of Personal Help And Support.

Even though this is a stand-alone eBook, you don't have to do it alone! You're committed enough to purchase this eBook, so I'm committed to helping you solve any problems you might have along the way.

If you get stuck, have a question, need new ideas or are trying to solve a lure making problem then ask me personally, the odds are I'll be able to help you very quickly!

I give all my eBook customers 3 whole months of email access to ask me all the questions they want!

Note: This kind of personal support is very time consuming, so in future I may chareg a fee for this service. But if you purchase "Make Your Own Lures: Plastic Lures" right now, your 3 Months of email support is guaranteed!

Bonus: 12 Proven Lure Templates

Full details and design specifications for some of my personal lure designs are provided in this downloadable guide. I make some of the lures in this resource from wood, but all designs work equally well made from hard plastic.

My templates are on printable, resizeable grid showing the size and shape of the lure, tow point and hook positions, recommended bib angle, size/shape.

With these templates you can be confident that your lure design is spot-on and can focus on your lure making techniques with confidence.

My lure making templates are worth $9.95 each, but you will have the opportunity to get them absolutely free when you purchase "Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures".

Bonus: Report - "Lure Color Selection"

Lure color selection is often more a about hype, superstition and rumour more than common sense, let alone science. This report cuts through all of the BS with scientific facts about the visibility of various colors under a range of water conditions.

Water color, cloudiness, the time of day, seasonal changes and a bunch of other factors affect the behaviour of light in the water column, and this affects which colors are visible and which disappear from the spectrum.

Even though the science behind this report is complex, the report itself is very easy to understand.

In my view, this understnding is essential if you're serious about cracking the code on lure colors. And again, you can have it absolutely free when you purchase "Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures"

Mini-ebook - "65 Top Tips for Fishing with Lures"

With your endless supply of custom fishing lures, now it's time to explore some pro tips for catching more (or better) fish! This mini-ebook is packed with tips to improve your lure fishing, including hints for fishing around snags and weedbeds, trolling multiple lures, line and leader selection, tying on and tuning lures and much more.

Absolutely free when you purchase "Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Plastic Lures"
Fishing Lure Tips
Fishing Lure Color Selection
Fishing Lure Templates Book Cover
Download this eBook today and you'll not only get detailed hard plastic lure making instructions, you'll also get a bunch of supporting ebooks and reports to help you get the full benefit of the eBook! Plus 3 months of email support to ensure you succeed!
Take Advantage Of Bonus Lure Making Information And My Excellent Support!
Greg Vinall
Fishing Lure Templates Book Cover
plastic lure making ecover
Fishing Lure Tips
Fishing Lure Color Selection
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